Journal of English Teaching through Movies and Media 2001;2(1):24-64.
Published online June 30, 2001.
A Study on the Practical Use of Multimedia in English Language Learning
Young Suh Kim, Mi Dong Lee
영어학습을 위한 멀티미디어 활용방안에 관한 연구
김영서, 이미동
The purpose of this study is to present a proper system of multimedia as showing developed technology to advanced nations and the effect of its use to teach English to high school students. At first, we, as teachers, must know what is the context and the conception of multimedia. In short, it is an integration of media including video, audio, graphic, letter, image and so on. And the most effective teaching method is a system of self-access using individual or small group and it can be connected with constructivism. Representative examples of multimedia teaching methods are interactive video, CD-ROM Title, Authoring Tool and Internet. Secondly, to show the effect of multimedia teaching method, three experiments were conducted. From these experiments, we can reach two conclusions in short. First, most high schools have more or less trouble with multimedia equipment and insufficient materials for English language learning. Nevertheless, most English teachers recognize the need of multimedia teaching methods. Second, in general, an experimental group who learned utilizing multimedia material, got higher marks than the control group. Furthermore the students in the experiment have an interest and a positive attitude.

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