Journal of English Teaching through Movies and Media 2007;8(2):1-23.
Published online December 30, 2007.
An effect of using movies in English on vocabulary power and interest in primary English education
Moon Seek Yum, Yong Koo Kahng
초등학교 영어교육에서 영화를 활용한 수업이 어휘력과 어휘 흥미도에 미치는 영향
염문식, 강용구
The purpose of this study is to examine effects of teaching vocabulary using movies in English. This study also purposes to find out teaching methods to develop vocabulary power and to prepare foundation to back up the use of children's movies in English. For the purpose, 11 commercially avaliable movies were selected and use in teaching English to the class of 5th graders. After four months of treatments lessons, the vocabulary power test and interest in vocabulary power test and interest in vocabulary were given to the class and the control group. The result of this research questions are as follows: First, vocabulary lessons using movies in English were verified to have positive effects on developing vocabulary power of elementary school students. With regard to improvement in average values, the control group showed a little difference from average values, while the experimental group showed high rise in average values. Second, vocabulary lessons using movies in English had different effects depending on groups by levels. High, middle and low scholastic ability groups indicate improvement in vocabulary power, but the lesson had more effects on the low scholastic ability group especially. Third, vocabulary lessons using movies in English had positive effects on development of interest in vocabulary. Fourth, vocabulary lessons using movies had different effects on interest in vocabulary depending on group by level of interest, all of which indicated positive effects on interest in vocabulary, but expecially middle level of interest showed big improvement.
Key Words: vocabulary power;movie

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