Journal of English Teaching through Movies and Media 2008;9(1):139-162.
Published online June 30, 2008.
A study on English reading strategies using Charlotte's Web: From a communicative perspective.
Ji Hyun Lee
샬롯의 거미줄을 이용한 영어독해전략연구
Developing communicative competence is a hot spot in EFL education. Students are eager to improve their speaking and listening skills and teachers do their best to make the students into better speakers and listeners. Speaking and listening are systems of spoken communication, while reading is a system of written communication. The ultimate goal of reading is to understand the meaning of the text by communicating with an author. Hence, reading instruction should be taught from the viewpoint of a communicative competence. The study investigated how to develop reading skill as communication. Both the experimental group and control group read the novel, Charlotte's Web. The experimental group was forced to be active readers. That is, when the students encountered unknown words or grammatically challenging sentences, they were encouraged to use their knowledge and every clue from the text. The control group read the novel in a traditional way, focusing on grammatical structures. It could be said that the students in control group relied on their linguistic knowledge. The experimental group recorded better scores than the control group in interpreting the sentences and guessing the previous situation of sentences. The results indicate that reading through a communicative way makes the students real readers and the students understand the text and memorize the content more effectively.
Key Words: reading;movies;communication;communicative competence

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