Journal of English Teaching through Movies and Media 2013;14(1):137-158.
Published online March 30, 2013.
Language competence and the art of talk: Based on Chandler in Friends
Ji Hyun Lee
언어능력과 화법
This study suggests that how to talk should be included in communication strategies. Even though the definition of communication strategies does not lack controversy, one working definition many researchers accept is that communication strategies are used to compensate for deficiencies in the linguistic system. In real life, however, we need very different strategies for communication. We experience difficulties from a deficiency of communication strategies for dealing with people, not only with the language that is emphasized in classrooms or the academic world. In other words, it is scarcity of the art of talk that makes us in trouble in communication. This study examined 11 scenes of episode 3 in season 6 of Friends to find out the communication features of the character Chandler. The results showed that his communication is frequently fruitless. In spite of having good language competence, this ability isn't used effectively in communication. Chandler has linguistic competence, but falls short of the art of speech, resulting in aimless communication. These features have implications in classrooms that emphasize language in communication. If communication activities bring a focus to the relationships between speakers and goal-driven communication, there is no need to worry about producing learners like Chandler.
Key Words: communication strategies;language competence;art of talk;Friends;Chandler

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