Journal of English Teaching through Movies and Media 2013;14(2):135-151.
Published online September 30, 2013.
The Impact of Subtitled Online Video Clips on Incidental Vocabulary Learning
Ahn Miri
The study investigates immediate and delayed effects of subtitled online video clips on incidental vocabulary learning of beginning foreign language learners. A total of 36 female adult learners of English as a Second Language enrolled in academic listening classes at S university. They were randomly assigned to two types of multimedia learning environment: (a) subtitled and (b) non-subtitled video watching. Subjects were asked to work on note-taking tasks while watching the video clips with or without English subtitles. To collect the data from the subjects, Wesche & Paribakht's 5-point Vocabulary Knowledge Scale (VKS) was used and a total of 20 target words, excluding 10 fillers, were integrated into the scale. For the experiment, the subjects completed pretests, immediate posttests, and delayed posttests. In order to measure incidental vocabulary learning, subjects were not told that they were going to be given vocabulary tests. The results of the study support the findings of previous studies that the provision of aural input, visual information with subtitles yields a higher retention rate of grasping new vocabulary. The results provide insights into the benefits that might be gained from watching subtitled video clips.
Key Words: language learning;online video clips;vocabulary ability

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