Journal of English Teaching through Movies and Media 2014;15(1):21-37.
Published online March 30, 2014.
Witch-hunt of the past and present: On the basis of The crucible, movie The hunt, and the Netcarthyism
Gye sook Kim
과거와 현재의 마녀사냥
The Crucible is based on the historical fact. It is about the problem of the faith of those who were hanged on a charge of witches. They had a choice between life without conscience or death. The subject of The Crucible is an individual conscience in defiance of authority. In America, the House Un-American Activities Committee, HUAC, was formed to investigate and ultimately identify communist sympathizers. In The Crucible Miller has dramatized the Salem witch hunt, and he compared the witch hunt with the McCarthy investigations. During this time of 'McCarthyism', Miller has written, 'conscience was no longer a private matter but one of state administration.' 'Witch trials' are always with us, and especially today. With the increasing use of internet and SNS. There comes newly coined word netcarthyism.. The people who practiced witch trials and investigations had some reasons for it. But today's witch hunters have no reasons. They do it because others do it. We have no power to resist them, but we couldn't passively sit back and watch our world being destroyed under us. We have to fight against them more actively. Modern society may be redeemed by its maturest citizens.
Key Words: Salem;witch hunt;McCarthyism;SNS;netcarthyism
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