Journal of English Teaching through Movies and Media 2017;18(3):99-117.
Published online August 30, 2017.
A development plan for a screen English learning system through 3D augmented reality
Dong Han Lee
3D 증강현실을 적용한 영화활용 영어학습 시스템 개발 방안
The purpose of this study is to provide a development plan for a screen English learning system through augmented reality. This study investigated recent studies on the effects of English learning through movies. The studies have shown that simply applying movies in English teaching does not guarantee positive results in English learning. Studies have also found that learners in today’s educational environments are interested in more direct sense involvement. Furthermore, it has been represented in recent research that a simple technical application of augmented reality in English classrooms does not assure good results in English learning. Thus, this study suggests an approach for developing a screen English learning system through 3D augmented reality. First, the website and implementation procedures of augment app are presented, as well as installation procedures and guidelines for using the mobile app, AURASMA, are explained. Secondly, open sources of authoring tools for the augmentation of virtual objects and contents for developing a screen English learning book are examined. Third, an English caption and editing app is introduced. Finally, an example of application plans for augmented reality for a screen English learning book is proposed. This study anticipates that English teachers will develop their own screen English teaching books through augmented reality.
Key Words: English education;virtual reality;augmented reality;screen English education;screen English

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