Creating Visuals Using Jibjab Website

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J Eng Teach Movie Media. 2021;22(2):105-106
Publication date (electronic) : 2021 May 31
The Attached Elementary School of Chuncheon University of Education, Korea
Corresponding author, Yang, Ji Hye The Attached Elementary School of Chuncheon University of Education, Korea

Jibjab [E-card Website]. (1999). Retrieved from

Jibjab is an online card site. It is a site that creates interesting content by putting human faces into animations or videos. The site has a lot of content in various categories as well as cards for special occasions such as national holidays, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Halloween. Of course, there is also a phone app that can be used right away, so anyone can download and use it. Sending a simple card is free, but downloading it is a paid service. It costs about 30 dollars a year. The reasons for introducing this site and application are as follows.

Various vocabulary and expressions are learned in English classes, which is more effective if visual materials are provided. At this time, pictures and photos are usually used, and it is much more effective if you use photographic materials containing your own face or students than simply searching the Internet and using materials. The site also allows users to create simple GIF files or short videos, which will be remembered by students for much longer than simple photos. These are very effective in motivating students to learn English.

The site is mainly filled with content celebrating holidays, but there are a wide variety of GIF files that express verbs learned by students such as exercising, reading, running, swimming and biking. When learning verbs such as run, swim, and read, these materials are used so that children can love and remember them for a long time.

The way to make it is very simple. After downloading and installing the application, log in and choose the content you want. Then you select a person's face for the video, and if you fit the size well and adjust the mouth, you will get a very special video of your mouth moving.

Most people will use this website as a means of making and sending cards, but I usually use it to make English educational materials. This is because younger learners like situations related to themselves and learn faster and remember them for a long time.

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