Journal of English Teaching through Movies and Media 2010;11(1):149-171.
Published online June 30, 2010.
Improving listening and speaking skills using different types of media and techniques through movies
Hye Jin Chung, Tae Hyung Lee
영화 매체별 활용 비교 및 듣기 말하기 수업 방안
정혜진, 이태형
The purpose of this study is to illustrate and compare various ways of utilizing movies, and to introduce diverse functions and techniques that can be employed in the classroom to improve students' listening and speaking skills. Movie materials available in Korea, including videos, CD-ROM titles, and DVD titles, were analyzed and evaluated in terms of their value as instructional aids, accessibility, cost, and applicability in the classroom. Using DVD titles on a computer turned out to be the most effective method based on the researchers' experience and observations in the classroom. Various ways of using movie materials as creative resources to motivate students to practice speaking and listening skills were suggested. In addition, practical techniques for making materials comprehensible for the students were demonstrated. The specific suggestions made in this study can also help create autonomous language learners who could enjoy studying English using movies on their own to enhance not only their comprehension abilities but their production abilities as well.
Key Words: various types of movies;listening and speaking training

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