Journal of English Teaching through Movies and Media 2016;17(3):65-82.
Published online August 30, 2016.
Ja won Lee, Young Park
영화대사암기 증진을 위한 감정 단어들의 역할 연구
이자원, 박영
The aim of this paper is to suggest one very useful memory activity through emotional words and expressions in movies. In this paper, the concept, ‘valence’ (Kuperman, Estes, Brysbaert, & Warriner, 2014) was used to activate memorization. In order to do this, five subjects were chosen from college level students. The movie Cruel Intentions was used as a teaching material. Two sets of tests were given to the subjects. One was word recognition. 15 words (5 positive, 5 negative, and 5 neutral) were given to the subjects. The response speed and rate of correct answers were analyzed. The results showed that the response speed was 2.68 seconds (positive), 2.72 seconds (negative) and 3.28 seconds (neutral) and that the rate of correctness was 36% (positive), 80% (negative) and 48% (neutral). This indicates that negative words were helpful in enhancing word recognition. A sentence recall test was also applied with 15 sentences, each including one of the above 15 words. The findings for correctness were 82.4% for positive, 85.6% for negative, and 81.6% for neutral. Errors were less than one word in each of the three categories. The results of the survey suggest that the word recognition test helped greatly with the subjects’ sentence recall.
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