Journal of English Teaching through Movies and Media 2007;8(2):1-20.
Published online December 30, 2007.
The effect of output-first activities through contrastive analysis of routines of movies
Young A Ryu
영화의 루틴 대조분석을 통한 선(先)출력 활동 효과
There are some obstacles to overcome when we teach producing English in the input-based teaching context of EFL. In an EFL environment, students in this context often find it difficult to practice output in an authentic manner. Consequently, research on how to include output activities in the English language teaching process must be conducted in order to solve such problems resulting from the lack of opportunity to practice output production. The issues of how to divide the portions of output and input activities in an EFL classroom, as well as how to establish the role of Korean teachers of English for output practice, should be considered. The purpose of this study is to find techniques to facilitate learners' output ability in the EFL context through watching movies, and to develop a teaching method which can promote the speaking output of students whereby it can also broaden the role of Korean teachers in English speaking teaching. This paper suggests ways of practicing output activities prior to input activities by contrasting and analyzing Korean (L1) and English (L2). Furthermore this method is presented through using movies, in order to encourage Korean teachers of English to actively be involved in English speaking teaching.
Key Words: 말하기와 쓰기;출력;국어와 영어루틴 대조분석; speaking and writing;output;L1 vs L2 routines contrastive analysis

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