Journal of English Teaching through Movies and Media 2012;13(3):135-160.
Published online December 30, 2012.
A study on self-directed learning using multimedia for a college General English course
Jae Oke Joe
멀티미디어를 활용한 자기주도학습 방법 연구
This study aims to develop a self-directed learning model to enhance learners' self-directed learning ability in English education, apply it to a college General English course and examine its effectiveness. On the basis of the teaching-learning principles of constructivism, the basic process of the self-directed learning model developed in this study is understanding learners, developing learning materials, setting the learning goals, organizing learning groups, providing various learning materials using multimedia and writing up learning contracts, performing learning, and accomplishment evaluation. It is also considered to create learning environment by motivating and empowering learners, teaching learning skills, etc. Since learners vary in their learning attitude and experiences toward self-directed learning, proficiency levels, etc., a staged self-directed learning model is suggested according to the degree of how they are self-directed: low, mid and high. Through the voices of 25 participants having experienced the self-directed learning in a General English course during the summer session of 2012, the positive effectiveness of self-directed learning comes out in 10 different aspects: active learning attitude, confidence and self-esteem as an efficient learner, communicative language ability, learning motivation and achievement, enthusiasm for their learning, learning habit and the will to learn, interest, responsibility for the learning, the relationship between learner and instructor, the expectation for the future learning.
Key Words: self-directed learning;self-directed learning model;General English education;Multimedia;Constructivism

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