Journal of English Teaching through Movies and Media 2016;17(2):159-178.
Published online May 31, 2016.
A Study on the Direction of Development of an ELT Video-Sharing Website for English Teachers
Han Na Lee, Kyung Whan Cha
Teachers need to decide which online videos are the most appropriate for their EFL students. The first section presents the creation of an EFL educational video-sharing website called Video Detector; all videos on the website are related to teaching English, and teachers can quickly and easily choose appropriate videos for their classes through a video search filtering system. The second section of the study involves evaluating the website through teacher interviews. Three high-school English teachers participated in the interviews, which focused both on the general perceptions of video use for teaching and the specific perceptions of using Video Detector. Teachers frequently use video because it is effective for improving listening skills and increasing other skills; in addition, it improves learner concentration. Teachers tend to view the Video Detector website positively, but they point out that it does not contain as much data as other video-sharing libraries. In order to expand, the website allows registered users to upload videos actively and the website content needs to be reviewed and updated as often as possible. For further research, it would be productive to discuss how the website could be improved and could encourage EFL teachers to use video most effectively.

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