Journal of English Teaching through Movies and Media 2014;15(3):85-105.
Published online December 30, 2014.
An English class plan for using animation movies and role-plays in Korean Elementary schools
Jung Eun Park, Dong Han Lee
애니메이션 영화와 역할극을 활용한 초등학교 영어수업 방안
박중은, 이동한
The purpose of this research is to provide an English class plan for improving English ability through animation movies and role-plays in Korean elementary schools. In the first step of the study, an animation movie was selected in accordance with the learners' interests, and then watched by Korean elementary school students. In the next step, the role-play scripts were recreated into appropriate words and expressions to the level of elementary school students. The students were then divided into role-play groups and were assigned certain roles. At this point, students were allotted time to practice their roles with their group members. After adequate practice time, each group of students performed on the stage as if they are the main characters in the animation movie. By doing these activities, the study can complement and upgrade the traditional English classes using movies focusing on listening activities rather than speaking activities. This study also suggests different methods for teaching role-plays using animation movies in English classes in accordance with different time utilization plans. In the specific time utilization plans, teachers can apply the appropriate teaching methods for role-plays according to their own circumstances and conditions.
Key Words: Animation movies;role-play

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