Journal of English Teaching through Movies and Media 2000;1(1):47-64.
Published online April 30, 2000.
A study on the selection of movies
Ja won Lee
영화 선정기준에 관한 연구
Using movies to teach English has become popular of late. The appeal of movies is understandable given that so many students enjoy watching film. However, if the EFL lecturer is to satisfy the goal of teaching English, then 3 criteria need to be satisfied in selecting films for use in the classroom. First, the movies considered should be popular and current so that they appeal to students. Second, the movie scripts should be interesting and contain usable English language. At this point in the selection process, some movies will have been discarded and others added. Third, the instructor needs to examine the films in terms of what I want students to learn from this film and how the items can selected for learning be practiced ; the final stage of sorting takes place in consideration of this last criterion. After working out activities for the third criterion, the instructor has a film lesson that satisfies popular demand and interest and is based on sound pedagogical objectives.

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